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The prefix auto means
a) self
b) other
c) car

What is the simplest life form on earth which does not have a nucleus?
a) bacteria
b) protists
c) microorganisms

Protists are microorganisms usually found in
a) water
b) land
c) space

How many species of Protists do Scientists know of?
a) 3
b) 200
c) over 200,000

Which type of Protist has a false foot or pseudopod to help it move and capture food?
a) Paramecium
b) Amoeba
c) Euglena

A methanogen might be found in
a) the salty dead sea
b) outer space
c) a cow's stomach

Which type of Protist has cilia to help it move?
a) Amoeba
b) Euglena
c) Paramecium

Which type of Protist can photosynthesize AND eat other organisms?
a) Euglena
b) Paramecium
c) Amoeba

A halophile might be found in
a) the salty dead sea
b) a cow's stomach
c) a hot geyser in Yellowstone National Park

A unicellular organism is a
a) one celled plant
b) virus made of one cell
c) living thing made of only 1 cell

a thermophile might be found in
a) the salty dead sea
b) deep sea ocean vents
c) a cow's stomach

A very small living thing that you need a microscope to see is called a
a) macroorganism
b) microorganism
c) fungi
d) plant

The scientific prefix halo means
a) salt
b) warm
c) extreme

Halophiles are in the Kingdom
a) Protista
b) Bacteria
c) Archaea

The suffix troph means
a) trophy
b) feeds or nourishes
c) temperature

Round, spiral and rod are the three shapes of
a) protists
b) bacteria
c) archaea

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