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Why causes an increase in daylight hours in the Spring?
a) earth's revolution
b) earth's rotation
c) wind
d) rain

Which moon phase comes after the waxing crescent moon?
a) third quarter moon
b) last quarter moon
c) first quarter moon
d) waxing gibbous

Why does the moon effect tides more than the sun?
a) the sun is closer to the earth
b) the sun is hotter
c) the moon is closer to th earth
d) the moon is bigger than the sun

What is the line-up that creates the full moon phase in the lunar cycle?
a) sun - moon - earth ( IN A STRAIGHT LINE)
b) sun - earth - moon ( IN A STRAIGHT LINE)
c) during the half moon phases
d) when the moon is perpendicular to the sun

What happens when an oceanic plate is pressed together with a continental plate?
a) the oceanic plate is pushed upward
b) the oceanic plate is pushed downward
c) the continental plate is pushed upward
d) the continental plate is pushed downward

Where does erosion caused by Rain occur on hills and mountains?
a) top of the mountain
b) middle of the mountain
c) rain does not cause erosion
d) bottom of the mountain

What occurs along San Andreas Fault?
a) earthquakes
b) tornadoes
c) Hurricanes
d) flooding

What is built when tectonic plates collide?
a) rivers
b) mountains
c) deserts
d) bridges

What helps us predict the ocean tides?
a) predicting the weather
b) predicting the seasons
c) predicting the moon phases
d) we can't predict ocean tides

What causes mountains to become shorter overtime?
a) the sun
b) people climbing the mountain
c) animals
d) rain and wind

What causes the earth to have changing seasons?
a) the earth rotates on its axis
b) the earth revolves around the sun
c) the moon revolves around the earth
d) the sun changes position

Where is the top of the mountain on a topographic map?
a) the smallest circle in the center
b) the largest outside circle
c) can't tell using circles on a map
d) lines pointing upward

Which moon phase happens one week after the third quarter moon?
a) waxing crescent
b) first quarter
c) new moon
d) waning crescent

Why does the sun appear to move across the sky?
a) because the earth revolves
b) Because the Earth Rotates
c) because the sun moves very slowly
d) because we different seasons

Where do the low tides occur on earth during the moon phases?
a) left and right side near the new moon and full moon
b) in the middle of the earth
c) top and bottom of the earth near the half moons
d) we never have low tides

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