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What are non-flowering plants?
a) Non-flowering plants do not have the ability to produce oxygen, such as tulips
b) Non-flowering plants prefer the night rather than the sun, like shrubs
c) Non-flowering plants do not have flowers and do not produce seeds, such as ferns and moss

What are flowering plants?
a) Flowering plants water other plants, such as daisies
b) Flowering plants have flowers and produce seeds, such as thyme.
c) Flowering plants have bright pedals, like roses.

What are the types of flowering plants according to their stems?
a) Plants with stems that are smooth and others that are thorny
b) Plants with circle stems and other with straight stems
c) Plants with thin, flexible stems and others with thick, hard stems

What happens when trees are close together?
a) They give each other water
b) They grow quickly to get more light
c) They turn the same color

What are herbaceous plants?
a) Herbaceous plants, including grasses and flowers, do not grow very tall, and there are many varieties
b) Herbaceous plants give us herbs to eat
c) Herbaceous plants are typically what herbivores eat

What are the life processes of plants?
a) Like all living things, plants are born, they feed and grow, they interact, they reproduce and they die.
b) Plants are born, they help other plants, and they die.
c) Plants produce oxygen, produce other things, and they die.

What are the two types of plants?
a) Green ones and other ones
b) Trees and shrubs
c) Flowering plants and non-flowering plants

Why are plants important for life on earth?
a) Because they are pretty
b) Becuase they can move to where we need them most.
c) Because they produce oxygen and provide food for other living things

What is species?
a) Species is a group of animals, plants, or living things that share common characteristics.
b) Species is the process when plants grow.
c) Species are a group of plants that have thorns.

What are plants?
a) They have the ability to move around.
b) Plants are living things, but they are different from animals.
c) They only grow inside.

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