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On page 6, the dialogue between the Martin, Joaquin, Tito, and Freddie is used to
a) a. Convince the reader that Martin is a hopeless case
b) b. Demonstrate the importance of education
c) c. Show the reader that the boys respect Martin’s intelligence
d) d. Make the reader feel uncomfortable

3. Which definition represents the meaning of the word palpitations as used in the following sentence? Love palpitations. That’s a hard one to fix. Tú sabes, when you fool with your heart, it’s difficult.
a) a. a noticeably rapid, strong, or irregular heartbeat due to agitation.
b) b. marked by trembling
c) c. capable of being felt or touched
d) d. easily perceptible by the mind

In line 13 (pg. 37) the stage directions reveal that Joaquin “pounds his fist against his forehead.” Based on the dialogue, why does Joaquin pound his forehead?
a) a. He gets frustrated with the confusion of the story
b) b. He finally remembers the correct version of the story
c) c. He is embarrassed for Freddie’s incorrect version of the story
d) d. He is forcing himself to come up with an answer to Freddie’s question

1. What does the wind sound represent in Scene 3?
a) A. The emptiness of the mall
b) B. The opening and closing of doors
c) C. The ghosts that are passing throughout the mall
d) D. The boys’ fear of something being there

Which sentence from Scene 2 provides the best evidence to the idea that “looks aren’t important?”
a) A. “Looks help, I agree. But for me, personally I want a guy I can trust.”
b) “I like that. A guy who is kind, faithful, and smart. Even if he’s got braces on his teeth”
c) C. “We should not put him down because he is smart.”
d) D. Both A and B are correct answers

1. What is Gary Soto’s primary purpose of including broken Spanish in the dialogue between characters?
a) A. Gary Soto wants the reader to understand that the Spanish language important
b) B. The author desires for young readers to be able to feel a connection to the characters to create a deeper understanding of
c) C. Gary Soto wants readers to learn Spanish
d) D. Both A and B are correct answers

At the end of the play, Ceci and Martin both realize that:
a) A. Their relationship will never work out.
b) B. Their friends don’t support them dating.
c) C. They will be happy together forever.
d) D. They can be together without completely changing who they are.

What is the best summary of scene 4?
a) a. Martin alters his appearance to appear cooler in order to attract Ceci’s attention, Ceci does the same in order to appear
b) b. Martin alters his appearance in order to attract Ceci’s attention.
c) c. Joaquin and Tito realize their parents dated at some point in the past.
d) d. Lupe and Susana have noticed how much Ceci has changed, and they all decide they should apply themselves more fully in sch

The playwright uses the imagery in the stage directions at the beginning of scene 4 to?
a) a. There is no imagery at the beginning of Act 4.
b) b. Suggest that Martin is too cool to attract Ceci’s attention.
c) c. Show the lengths Martin’s friends are willing to go to to help him reinvent his image.
d) d. Show that Martin accepts himself exactly the way he is and he doesn’t feel he needs to change his image.

Joaquin’s admission on page 72 that he has never had a “real girlfriend” and he has lost all his fights indicates that
a) A. He desperately wants a girlfriend
b) B. He has created lies so he could fit in with his peers.
c) C. He desires to be a nerd.
d) D. He is scared to fight.

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