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What was Manifest Destiny?
a) The idea that the U.S. was guaranteed to win the Revolution
b) The idea that the U.S. would naturally expand to the Pacific Ocean
c) A prophecy that foretold of Abraham Lincoln's assassination
d) The idea that the U.S. would become a world leader

In the 1830's, President Andrew Jackson supported the Indian removal policy because
a) Native Americans were attacking southern cities
b) he wanted to punish Native American Indians for their political opposition
c) white settlers desired the land on which Native American Indians lived
d) he sough complete control of Texas by the United States

Which of the following is not a freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment?
a) Freedom of Privacy
b) Freedom of Press
c) Freedom of Speech
d) Freedom of Religion

The social contract theory as used in the Declaration of Independence was most directly influenced by the writings of
a) John Locke
b) Adam Smith
c) Voltaire
d) Benjamin Franklin

What does 'laissez-faire' mean?
a) The government makes laws controlling businesses
b) The government takes a 'hands off' approach to businesses
c) The government does nothing ever
d) The government gets involved in citizen's daily life

What was the 'Spoils System'?
a) A way of dealing with rotten food that involves composting and recycling started by President Hoover
b) When a politician or leader uses their position to give jobs to their friends or supporters
c) Rigging an election in favor of your candidate, like John Wilkes Booth did for Abraham Lincoln
d) When the government spends tax dollars on ridiculous projects

A major reason for President Thomas Jefferson's purchase of Louisiana Territory was to
a) eliminate Spanish control of California
b) take possession of all of Florida
c) give the U.S. control of the Mississippi River
d) provide access to areas east of the Appalachian Mountains

The Supreme Court decision in Marbury v. Madison (1803) increased the power of the federal courts by
a) increasing the number of judges
b) enabling the president to overturn lower-court decisions
c) establishing federal supremacy over state governments
d) establishing the principle of judicial review

Which action is an example of the use of checks and balances?
a) impeachment of President Bill Clinton
b) choosing a vice presidential running mate by a presidential candidate
c) election of the Speaker of the House by the majority party
d) starting negotiations for a treaty by President George Washington

Thomas Jefferson incorporated John Locke's idea of the social contract theory in the Declaration of Independence because this idea
a) considered economic rights more important than inalienable rights
b) supported the divine right of kings
c) justified the overthrow of a government that denied individual liberties
d) called for a gradual change of government

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