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Before John Pope began building a new an official building to house the government, legislators had no official place to meet and were often forced to gather in leaky buildings.

Which territorial governor began making plans to build an official building to house the government?
a) John Pope
b) James Miller
c) Henry Conway
d) Robert Crittenden

Which of the following families did NOT belonged to the political group, the Family?
a) Johnson
b) Sevier
c) Conway
d) Crittenden

Who did the Family support?
a) Southern Democrats and Andrew Jackson
b) Republicans and Abraham Lincoln
c) the Whigs and Crittenden
d) the Democrats and James Monroe

What was the result of Henry Conway and Robert Crittenden's duel?
a) Robert Crittenden went to jail
b) Crittenden shot and killed Conway
c) neither man shot the other
d) Conway shot and killed Crittenden

Why did Henry Conway and Robert Crittenden duel?
a) Conway called Crittenden a liar
b) Crittenden called Conway a liar
c) Crittenden insulted Conway's wife
d) Conway ran against Crittenden for governor

Who opened the first newspaper in the region?
a) Henry Conway
b) James Miller
c) Robert Crittenden
d) William Woodruff

What was the main issue that James Miller and Robert Crittenden argued over once Miller arrived?
a) where to move the capital of the territory
b) how much power the governor should have
c) who should be appointed to important government positions
d) whether or not Arkansas should become a state

What did Robert Crittenden do in Arkansas territory before James Miller arrived?
a) challenged Henry Conway to a duel
b) established the Bank of Arkansas
c) appointed many of his friends and people loyal to him to important government positions
d) began printing the first territorial newspaper

How long did it take for James Miller to arrive in Arkansas Territory?
a) 1 month
b) 1 week
c) 6 months
d) 2 years

Who was the territorial secretary who stepped in as acting governor until Miller arrived?
a) Robert Crittenden
b) Henry Conway
c) William Woodruff
d) George Wilson

Who was named the first governor of Arkansas Territory?
a) Robert Crittenden
b) James Miller
c) Henry Conway
d) William Woodruff

Which of the following was NOT a method of transportation in Arkansas territory?
a) walking
b) stagecoach
c) steamboat
d) railroad

Which of the following was NOT an obstacle to transportation when settlers began making their way into the territory?
a) thick forests
b) swamps
c) rough dirt roads
d) open fields

One of the biggest challenges facing Arkansas territory was bandits and outlaws who came to the territory to hide out.

What issue was Governor William Fulton most worried about prior to Arkansas becoming a state?
a) too many bandits and outlaws in Arkansas
b) the rough roads and poor travel conditions
c) collecting enough taxpayer money to replace the federal money they were getting as a territory
d) slave revolts in the territory

Which of the following is NOT a reason why northern politicians delayed their approval of Arkansas's petition for statehood?
a) they did not want more Democrats who would vote for Andrew Jackson in the 1836 election.
b) because Arkansas would enter as a slave state
c) because it would cost too much money for Arkansas to become a state
d) none of these

What was James Bowie most famous for?
a) the Bowie gun
b) the Bowie knife
c) the Bowie bow
d) the Alamo

Which of the following was NOT one of the first two banks in Arkansas?
a) the Bank of Arkansas
b) the Bear State Bank
c) the Real Estate Bank of Arkansas
d) all of these

What were the Bank of Arkansas and Real Estate Bank of Arkansas accused of?
a) corruption
b) tax fraud
c) libel
d) slander

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