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The House of Representatives can _________________ a President accused of a crime.
a) Imprison
b) Impeach
c) Yell At
d) Elect

Southern laws made African Americans pay a ____________________ to vote.
a) Income Tax
b) Impeach
c) Poll Tax
d) Ticket Price

To keep African Americans and white people apart, southern states passed _____________________ .
a) Black Codes
b) Amendments
c) Sharecropping
d) Impeach

A tax paid before someone can vote is called...?
a) Income Tax
b) Ticket Price
c) Poll Tax
d) Paycheck

Farmers who worked someone else's land while paying a share of the crops raised for rent were called...?
a) Slave
b) Yankee
c) Confederate
d) Sharecropper

A name for a person released or freed from slavery is called ____________________________.
a) Freedman
b) Slave
c) Scalawag
d) Yankee

A name for a white Southerner who supported the Northern Reconstruction government was _____________________.
a) Loser
b) Yankee
c) Carpetbagger
d) Scalawag

A name for a Northern who went to the South after the Civil War was ________________________.
a) Loser
b) Rebel
c) Carpetbagger
d) Scalawag

The separation of people by race is called
a) Segregation
b) Hatred
c) Cooperation
d) Divide

This term means to accuse a high public official (like the President of the United States) of a crime.
a) Arrest
b) Greet
c) Accuse
d) Impeach

All citizens or people have certain rights called...?
a) Declaration of Independence
b) Civil Rights
c) Black Codes
d) Special Rights

After the Civil War, southern lawmakers pass many laws to limit the freedom of African-Americans called...
a) Civil Rights
b) Amendments
c) Black Codes
d) Criminal Codes

The time period immediately after the Civil War when the United States started to rebuild the nation.
a) Reconstruction
b) Post-Civil War
c) Enlightenment
d) Renaissance

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