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There is a pan of boiling water on a stove. Which form of energy changes the water from a liquid to a gas as it boils?
a) sound
b) mechanical
c) light
d) heat

How does a stratus cloud form?
a) vertical
b) diagonal
c) horizontal
d) circular

As rain falls and travels across the ground filling a pond, what process of the water cycle is being described?
a) evaporation
b) condensation
c) run off
d) precipitation

What would be an effect if there were no more precipitation on earth?
a) evaporation would end
b) cloud formation increases
c) we would have more runoff
d) bodies of water would increase

Monkeys are found in much of South America. They are curious animals with the ability to problem solve. Which situation shows learned behavior amongst monkeys?
a) having excellent eye sight
b) have a long life span
c) turning on a light switch
d) having a long strong tail

One example of a trait passed from a parent plant to its offspring is
a) the amount of water in the plans environment
b) the amount of sunlight shining on the plant
c) the color of the flowers on the plant
d) the nutrients in the soil where the plant grows

An example of a learned trait is
a) being able to read
b) being able to breathe
c) having a scar
d) having brown eyes

When a door opens, it represents what type of joint?
a) ball and socket
b) pivot
c) hinge
d) gliding

Where in the body would I find a ball and socket joint?
a) hip
b) skull
c) patella
d) toe

What is another name for the skull
a) fibula
b) cranium
c) tibia
d) femur

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