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Which one is organic?
a) Glucose C6H12O6
b) Salt NaCl
c) Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2
d) Sulfur dioxide SO2

On the top of the energy pyramid we will find
a) A large amount of organisms
b) A small amount of organisms
c) The same amount as on the bottom
d) Neither large or small amount of organisms

Glucose is the main product of photosynthesis, the other product is
a) Carbon dioxide
b) Oxygen
c) Water
d) Sunlight

Scientists classify organisms to understand
a) Biodiversity
b) Photosynthesis
c) Organic Compounds
d) Energy pyramids

When using a dichotomous key we always start with step
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

If the world's bacteria and earthworms suddenly disappear then
a) The soil's nutrients will increase
b) The soil's nutrients will stay the same
c) The soil's nutrients will decrease
d) The soil's nutrients won't exists

Organic compounds contain
a) Hydrogen, Oxygen and Carbon dioxide
b) Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen
c) Oxygen, Nitrogen and Sulfur
d) Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Silicon

The reason for only 10% of energy to pass on to the next level is because
a) Organisms don't like to share their energy
b) Organisms use most of the energy to stay alive
c) Organisms destroy most of the energy
d) Organisms are too small to pass more energy

In the bottom of an energy pyramid we will find
a) Top predators such as lions
b) Decomposers such as earthworms
c) Consumers such as cows
d) Producers such as plants

Decomposition is the process of breaking down dead organic matter, this process is beneficial for the environment and the soil because
a) it creates energy
b) it produces air
c) it absorbs sunlight
d) it returns nutrients

The energy that plants use to do photosynthesis comes from
a) The sun
b) The soil
c) The air
d) The sugar

The ingredients needed for photosynthesis are
a) Carbon dioxide, Sunlight and Glucose
b) Glucose, Sunlight and Water
c) Sunlight, Carbon dioxide and Water
d) Oxygen, Water and Sunlight

Biomass is decomposed by
a) Lions, Whales and Elephants
b) Cows, insects and larvae
c) Plants, grass and trees
d) Earthworms, bacteria and fungi

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