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Chris counted the number of pages he read during the months of January and February. In January, he read 2,100 pages. In February, he read 21 pages. By what power of 10 did Chris’s reading decrease?
a) 10^o
b) 10^1
c) 10^2
d) 10^3

A length of 1 centimeter is equivalent to about 0.3937 inch. What is 0.3937 rounded to the nearest hundredth of an inch?
a) 0.30 inch
b) 0.38 inch
c) 0.39 inch
d) 0.40 inch

Tammy gave these clues to her friend about a number. When rounded to the nearest tenth, the number is 3.8. When rounded to the nearest hundredth, the number is 3.84. Which could be Tammy’s number?
a) 3.784
b) 3.839
c) 3.849
d) 3.851

648/ 12
a) 54
b) 35
c) 56
d) 37

If a school has 286 students and each class has 26 students, how many classrooms are there?
a) 9 r 3
b) 15
c) 20
d) 11

23 x 65
a) 2,180
b) 1,495
c) 2,095
d) 1, 346

Which is the correct way for Shawna to read the number 0.123?
a) one hundred twenty-three
b) one and twenty-three thousandths
c) one hundred twenty-three hundredths
d) one hundred twenty-three thousandths

Which is the quotient of 621 and 23?
a) 17
b) 27
c) 598
d) 644

Which equation is true?
a) 831 x 10^2 = 8,310
b) 406 x 10^3 = 406,000
c) 915 x 10^4 = 915,000
d) 257 x 10^2 = 257,000

The value of the 1 in the number 215 is ____________ the value of the 1 in the number 341.
a) 1/10 of
b) equal to
c) 10 times
d) 1/100 of

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