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Bears have a thick coat of fur, this adaptation is best in an environment that is
a) dry
b) windy
c) cold
d) hot

Birds with large sharp claws and beaks most likely eat
a) tall grasses
b) pond microorganisms
c) small animals
d) producers

What physical adaptation does a frog use to capture insects?
a) sticky tongue
b) smooth skin
c) croaking sound
d) webbed feet

Which adaptation would not be useful in a desert?
a) digging in burrows underground
b) getting water from plants
c) hunting animals
d) waxy stems

A webbed foot is a great structure for
a) digging tunnels
b) balance
c) swimming
d) flying

Animals that hibernate in the winter
a) avoid the harsh sun
b) conserve energy when food is too hard to find
c) build strong muscles during hibernation
d) are lazy

Camels have wide flat leathery pads on their feet. The function is to
a) find sources of water
b) climb rocky hills
c) walk on hot sand
d) store water

Which of the following structural adaptations help a cow eat grass?
a) sharp teeth
b) flat teeth
c) smooth short fur
d) hoofed feet

In the rainforest colorful flowers survive by
a) attracting snakes to eat them
b) attracting pollinators
c) helping monkeys hide
d) being small

Which of the following structures BEST helps a monkey to move around easily?
a) sharp teeth
b) brown fur
c) opposable thumbs
d) grasping hands, feet and tails

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