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What is the main component of waste in the waste stream?
a) Plastic
b) Paper
c) Metal
d) Glass

The pipes at the bottom of sanitary landfills collect toxic liquid from the waste. What is the liquid called?
a) compost tea
b) hazardous material
c) leachate
d) methane

Which of the following is not added to a sanitary landfill?
a) open dump
b) clay or plastic liner
c) leachate pipes
d) clay cap

Which of the Rs has the biggest impact on the Environment?
a) Reduce
b) Reuse
c) Recycle
d) Reclaim

After WW2, the US became know as _______ due to the excessive waste being created?
a) Developed Country
b) World Leaders of Technology
c) EPA
d) Throw Away Society

A company that melts down platic bottles to make new plastic bottles is an example of ________________.
a) Closed-Loop Recycling
b) Open-Loop Recycling
c) Composting
d) Open Dumping

A company that takes rubber tires and makes playground equipment is an example of _______________.
a) Closed-Loop Recycling
b) Composting
c) Open-loop Recycling
d) Open Dumping

Which of the following is NOT part of the waste stream?
a) organic materials
b) packaging waste
c) oil
d) metals and plastics

Which of the following is NOT a solution to reducing waste in the landfills?
a) Open Dumps
b) Source Reduction
c) Incineration
d) Composting

What is Planned Obsolescence?
a) quality products made to keep you from having to buy new
b) creating repair kits for your products to ensure they last longer
c) planning for the future by making products that can be used for multiple purposes
d) companies purposely making products break or outdated so you have to purchase a new one

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