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Identify the missing stage in the life cycle of the butterfly. egg, larva, ______and adult.
a) pupa
b) metamorphasis
c) nymph
d) young adult

Which of the following describes what soil is made of?
a) dead plants and animals
b) minerals
c) broken rocks
d) all of these

Students are conducting an investigation that involves blowing sand with a fan to model desert conditions. Identify which safety equipment would be most important while completing this investigation?
a) Fire extinguisher
b) Safety goggles
c) First-aid kit
d) Graduated cylinder

During labs with open flames, students need to be extra cautious if they are wearing? L
a) Eyeglasses
b) Earrings
c) Long sleeves
d) Shoes

. Students are completing an investigation where they mixed several chemicals to determine the how the properties change after a chemical reaction occurs. Once the lab is complete, how should the students dispose of the chemicals?
a) Pour all the chemicals down the sink
b) Follow safety guidelines
c) Leave the chemicals alone
d) Pour the chemicals outside

How are rocks in sand and rocks in water alike?
a) They are both mixtures
b) They are both solutions
c) They are both messy
d) They are not alike

Which of these is an example of work being done while pulling?
a) A baseball player throws a ball
b) A soccer player runs toward a soccer ball that is lying in a field
c) A student pushes against a wall
d) A student uses a pulley to raise a flag on a flagpole

What is the best way to find out if a summer has been drier than usual?
a) Walk outside each day to see whether the air feels dry.
b) Keep a calendar and mark the days when it rains.
c) Check each morning to see if there is dew on the grass or tree leaves.
d) Measure the amount of rainfall for the summer, and compare it to rainfall in past summers.

Which diagram shows the order of the stages in a newt’s life?
a) Egg Larva Young Newt Adult
b) Egg Young Newt Larva Adult
c) Egg Adult Young Newt Larva
d) Egg Young Newt Adult Larva

Which of the following is the major source of energy in the water cycle?
a) Energy from thunderstorms
b) Energy from clouds
c) Energy from the ocean
d) Energy from the Sun

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