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In some parts of India today, the caste system is still followed; in the social hierarchy of colonial Latin America, the status of a person was determined by birth. What do these two examples demonstrate?
a) Diversity is welcomed in most multicultural societies
b) In a multicultural society, all groups may face intolerance
c) minority practices in many societies reinforce social differences
d) Traditional practices in many societies reinforce social differences

Buddhism teaches that salvation can be achieved by
a) learning to give up selfish desire
b) following the Ten Commandments
c) worshiping only one God
d) making a pilgrimage to Mecca

The religions of Judaism and Christianity share a common belief in
a) reincarnation
b) the New Testament
c) the role of Jesus
d) the existence of one God

One similarity between Buddhism in India and animism in Africa is that both
a) use the Ten Commandments to establish law codes
b) stress the importance of the Eightfold Path
c) have no basic religious text
d) base social rank on a caste stystem

In ____________ religions, the followers believe in many deities.
a) monotheistic
b) polytheistic
c) agnostic
d) pagan

All of the following describe similarities between Judaism, Christianity and Islam except
a) All believe that Abraham was the first prophet
b) All believe in stories of the Old Testament
c) All believe that Jesus is the Messiah
d) All share a common place of origin

In ____________ religions, the followers believe in one deity.
a) monotheistic
b) polytheistic
c) agnostic
d) pagan

The geographic features shared by the five major culture hearths are
a) Mild climate, fertile land, and closeness to water
b) Cold climate, little vegetation, and closeness to water
c) Hot climate, abundant wildlife, and desert plant life
d) Mild climate, mixed forests, and far from water

The way of life of a group of people who share similar beliefs and values is called:
a) Geology
b) Geography
c) Humanity
d) Culture

The strongest unifying element of culture is:
a) Religion
b) Language
c) Government
d) Economic

Culture hearths are places where
a) people first discovered fire
b) the later civilizations began
c) early centers of civilization
d) humans migrate after disasters

The ability to change one's social class is known as
a) social mobility
b) social transition
c) cultural diffusion
d) social structure

Which feature might appear on a map showing cultural differences?
a) religious groups
b) climatic zones
c) major river systems
d) mountain ranges

20. The Middle East is considered a single cultural region by most geographers because —
a) it has a warm, dry climate
b) fertile river valleys
c) it has many deserts and mountain areas
d) Its people share a common history and heritage

Hindu scholars contributed to mathematics by developing the decimal system and the concept of zero. Arab mathematicians transmitted these ideas to Western Europe. Which conclusion is best drawn from these facts?
a) Hindus and Arabs developed the first civilizations
b) The study of mathematics first began in Europe.
c) New ideas are often spread through contacts between cultures.
d) Europeans had no ideas to share with Hindus and Arabs.

Which of the following is the best example of cultural convergence?
a) Different countries in Europe today have similar standards of living and systems of government.
b) Some Turkish “guest workers” in Germany cannot read or write in German.
c) People in the Sahel region of Africa are moving to nearby regions to escape dry conditions from drought.
d) Some universities do not require students to study a foreign language.

The areas stretching above and below the Sahara Desert as part of the African continent. Some geographers feel the cultures of North Africa are more closely associated with those of the Middle East than with Sub-Saharan Africa. This shows that
a) cultural characteristics can be used to define regions.
b) Africa was subjected to European imperialism.
c) most Africans would like to emigrate to the Middle East.
d) North Africa’s physical features prevented contact with the Middle East.

The term “Latin America” is generally used to describe a unique cultural region that includes all of South America, Central America, and Mexico. What characteristic helps define Latin America as a region?
a) Christianity and Islam are the most widely practiced religious traditions.
b) Most countries have command economies.
c) Spanish and Portuguese are the most widely spoken languages.
d) Most countries are former colonies of France or Italy.

Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Sikhism are similar in that each religion:
a) Worship many gods
b) practices strict codes of nonviolence
c) affirms the existence of one god
d) first arose in India

Animists generally believe that
a) Meditation leads followers to nirvana.
b) After death the souls reborn in another human form.
c) Holy wars must be fought to gain entry into heaven.
d) Spirits inhabit both living and nonliving things in nature.

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