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Frogs interact with nonliving elements when they
a) eat insects
b) hide under plants
c) swim in water
d) float on a lilypad

Some plants depend on insects for
a) pollination
b) water for roots
c) new leaf growth
d) water

An example of an abiotic factor
a) fungus
b) sunlight
c) flower
d) hallowed tree log

An example of a biotic factor is
a) bacteria
b) soil
c) water
d) sunlight

All of the following are examples of the interaction of two living things EXCEPT
a) sunflower and sunshine
b) eagle catching a fish
c) hummingbird on a flower
d) deer searching for food

Animals eat other animals for
a) energy
b) warmth
c) shelter
d) fun

Two abiotic factors are
a) sunlight and flower
b) air and plants
c) water and soil
d) cats and dogs

Two biotic factors are
a) sunlight and plants
b) plants and animals
c) fungus and soil
d) water and air

A rabbit burrowing in the ground is an example of
a) two living things interacting
b) one living thing and one nonliving things interacting
c) two nonliving things interacting
d) biotic

Another biotic example is
a) sunlight
b) fungus
c) air
d) water

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