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Boyle's law describes the relationship between _____.
a) volume and pressure
b) density and pressure
c) temperature and pressure
d) temperature and volume

A measure of the speed of molecules is the _______.
a) particles
b) gas
c) temperature
d) pressure

When the amount of force per unit area increases, the _____________ increases.
a) temperature
b) volume
c) pressure
d) particles

Volume and pressure of a gas are inversely related if the temperature stays the same. This is ______ Law.
a) Charles's
b) Boyles's
c) Adam's
d) Larry's

The volume of a gas is directly related to its temperature if the pressure is constant. This is _____ law.
a) Larry's
b) Adam's
c) Boyle's
d) Charles's

The relationship between temperature, pressure, and volume for a fixed amount of gas are describe by ____.
a) Boyle's Laws
b) Charles's Law
c) Gas Laws
d) Larry's Laws

The pressure in a ball can be increased by adding _____.
a) particles
b) volume
c) mass
d) temperature

Helium is a ________.
a) liquid
b) gas
c) mass
d) solid

The amount of space matter takes up is its _______.
a) volume
b) density
c) matter
d) pressure

Freezing is an _______ change.
a) exothermic
b) sublimation
c) endothermic
d) condensation

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