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The M in smart goals stands for:
a) Meaningful
b) Measurable
c) Memorable
d) None of the above

The A in smart goals stands for:
a) Athletic
b) Awful
c) Attainable
d) Attribute

The S in Smart goals stands for:
a) Simple
b) Serious
c) Standard
d) Specific

Which of the following is not an example of generalization
a) Dumb Blonde
b) Racism
c) White people can't dance
d) Cops and Donuts

Bipolar disorder is characterized by:
a) Seasonal Depression
b) Hallucinations and delusions
c) Cyclic mood changes
d) Depression caused by the stress of a baby

Dysthymia is a short term form of depression
a) True
b) False

Worthlessness, sadness, and excessive guilt, are depression symptoms that accur more often in men
a) True
b) False

Thirty percent of teens with depression develop substance abuse problems
a) True
b) False

Men are twice as likely to suffer from depression as women
a) True
b) False

Women are more likely to attempt suicide than men
a) True
b) False

Melinda's closet at school symbolizes:
a) She wants to be a janitor
b) Melinda hiding from her problems
c) Anger
d) Melinda's fear of Mr. Neck

The changing of the ______________________ represents melinda's mood and how she was feeling.
a) Seasons
b) Friends
c) Mascot
d) Clothes

The constant changing of the __________________ symbolizes Melinda's problem with recognizing her own identity and her problems with authority
a) Guards
b) Mascots
c) Seasons
d) Clothes

Who is Melinda's favorite teacher in the novel Speak?
a) Mr. Neck
b) Hairwoman
c) Principal Principal
d) Mr. Freeman

Which one of her ex-friends does Melinda reconnect with in Mr. Freeman's art class?
a) Rachelle
b) Nicole
c) Ivy
d) Heather

The first ammendment grants citizens the freedom of:
a) Religion
b) Speech
c) Press
d) All of the above

In the novel Speak, what is the setting?
a) Merryweather High School in Buffalo, NY
b) Merryweather High School Syracuse, NY
c) Reagan High School in Queens, NY
d) Merryweather High School in Houston, Texas

The R in smart goals stands for
a) Real
b) Realistic
c) Radical
d) Restful

The T in smart goal stands for
a) Timely
b) Tempting
c) Terrible
d) All of the above

When Heather tells melinda they can't eat lunch together anymore, Melinda becomes very upset. This is an example of which literary term?
a) Foreshadowing
b) Irony
c) Symbolism
d) Simile

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