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What is Salinity?
a) Salinity is the word used to describe the salt content of soil or water. When this salt content is excessive, it degrades wat
b) When this salt content is excessive, it degrades water quality and land productivity.
c) Salinity problems arise when the watertable rises.
d) Which brings very salty water to or near the ground surface.

What causes the rising of salinity?
a) Rise in the water tables underground.
b) Dissolving salt underground and bringing it up to ground surface.
c) Removal of deep-rooted plants.
d) Over irrigating.

What are the short-term effects?
a) Damage on roads and highways.
b) Loss of land.
c) Declines in wildlife biodiversity.
d) Exticntion of flora and fauna

What are the solutions to the problem?
a) Australian Governments have committed $1.4 million.
b) Keep native vegetation.
c) Limit irrigation.
d) Protect sensitive species.

What are the future developments?
a) Revegetate with deep rooted plants.
b) Getting the community to work together to resolve the problem.
c) Save water and use it more efficiently.
d) Improve irrigation infrastructure and technologies.

There are 2 types of salinity. What are they?
a) Dryland salinity.
d) Irrigation salinity.

What is dryland salinity?
a) It is the removal of deep rooted plants. Such as trees, shrubs and grasses.

Why do these plants play an important role, what are these deep rooted plants replaced with and what can\'t they do?
a) They play an important role because if cleared, the water tables underground are unbalanced
c) It cannot soak up all the water, and as a result more water remains in the soil.
d) The deep rooted plants are replaced with shallow rooted crops.

What is irrigation salinity?
a) Irrigation salinity is the over irrigation of land.
b) Much like dryland salinity, irrigation salinity results in rising water tables that bring deep deposits of salt upwards throu

Explain what happens when there is an increase in irrigation?
a) As water soaks into the soil, it adds to existing water, raising the water table, bringing salt along with it. During perio

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