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Lee ________________________ to Grant at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865, ending the war.
a) Assassinated
b) Surrendered
c) Attacked
d) Apologized

Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which did what?
a) Ended slavery in the United States
b) Ended the Civil War
c) Allowed slavery in the United States
d) Started Taco Tuesdays in the United States

A person who serves in the Armed Forces is called...?
a) A civilian
b) A casualty
c) A veteran
d) An Assassin

African-American soldiers faced ______________________________ when they were treated unfairly by white soldiers during the war.
a) Conscription
b) Battle
c) Discrimination
d) Competition

When a political leader, like a president, is murdered, we say they were
a) Assassinated
b) Died of Natural Causes
c) Assaulted
d) Impeached

President Lincoln was __________________________ by John Wilkes Booth.
a) Befriended
b) Assaulted
c) Assassinated
d) Arrested

The destruction of food, equipment, and anything else of use to soldiers and civilians during the course of a war is called...?
a) Civil War
b) Treaty
c) Total War
d) Partial War

Drafting people for military service is called...?
a) Conscription
b) Not Mandatory
c) Volunteering
d) Elective

__________________________________ is the unfair treatment of a person based on ideas about a particular group.
a) Conscription
b) Discrimination
c) Hate
d) Friendship

A person who is NOT a soldier is called..
a) A soldier
b) A casualty
c) A Democrat
d) A civilian

Another name for the South in the Civil War was?
a) Union
b) Confederates
c) Yankees
d) Red Coats

Another name for the North in the Civil War was?
a) Union
b) Confederates
c) Rebels
d) Grays

A person who is killed, injured, or captured in war is called..
a) A civilian
b) A soldier
c) A casualty
d) A Loss

When a country or city is rule by an army, it is called?
a) Tough Love
b) Martial Law
c) Gun Law
d) General Command

A state between the North and the South that remained in the Union during the Civil War was called...
a) Border State
b) Free State
c) Slave State
d) Jumper State

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