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A pair of socks costs $2.50 originally. The price is reduced to $1.75. What is the percent change?
a) 30% increase
b) 30% decrease
c) 43% increase
d) 43% decrease

You bought a soda for $0.50, then sold it for $1.00. What was the percent change?
a) 50% increase
b) 200% increase
c) 100% increase
d) 75% increase

A house is listed for $230,000. After a year, it's marked down to $200,000. What was the percent change?
a) 15% increase
b) 15% decrease
c) 115% decrease
d) 13% decrease

There were 10 eggs in the chicken coop on Monday. On Tuesday there were 16 eggs. What was the percent change from Monday to Tuesday?
a) 1.6% increase
b) 16% increase
c) 60% increase
d) 62.5% increase

On Friday the store had 35 loaves of bread. On Saturday they had 12 loaves of bread. What was the percent change?
a) 66% decrease
b) 66% increase
c) 191% increase
d) 191% decrease

One day there were 24 students in class. The next day there were 19. What was the percent change in the number of students in class from the first day to the second day?
a) 26% decrease
b) 79% decrease
c) 126% decrease
d) 21% decrease

In the first marking period Johnny got 81% in math class. In the second marking period he got 96% in math class. What was his percent change?
a) 16% increase
b) 17% increase
c) 18% increase
d) 19% increase

One day Susan ate 2005 calories. The next day she ate 1920 calories. What is the percent change in her calories from day 1 to day 2?
a) 4.1 % decrease
b) 4.2% decrease
c) 4.3% decrease
d) 4.4% decrease

Last year the cost of gas was $3.25 per gallon. This year the cost of gas is $1.95 per gallon. What is the percent change from last year to this year?
a) 1.3% decrease
b) 4% decrease
c) 40% decrease
d) 67% decrease

You bought a video game for $25, then sold it to a friend for $40. What is the percent markup?
a) 15% increase
b) 60% increase
c) 38% increase
d) 63% increase

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