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The lowest point in a particular section of a graph.
a) Absolute Minimum
b) Absolute Maximum
c) Relative Minimum
d) Relative Maximum

A relation represented by a graph is a function provided that no vertical line passes through more than one point on the graph.
a) Domain
b) Range
c) Vertical Line Test
d) Median

Putting numbers where variable are
a) Substitution
b) Expression
c) Equation
d) Solution Set

a special relationship where each input has a single output.
a) Relation
b) Function
c) Polynomial
d) Expression

A set of output values of a relation (the y-values)
a) Residual
b) Domain
c) Quadratic
d) Range

A set of input values of a relation (the x-values).
a) Domain
b) Range
c) Linear
d) Exponential

Allow direct computation to find any term.
a) Linear Function
b) Explicit Formulas
c) Arithmetic Sequence
d) Recursive Formulas

The difference in outputs (y-values) divided by the difference in inputs (x-values) for a given interval.
a) Average Rate of Change
b) Domain
c) Range
d) Function Notation

A sequence of numbers in which each term after the first term is obtained by multiplying the previous term by a common ratio.
a) Vertical Line Test
b) Common Difference
c) Geometric Sequence
d) Arithmetic Sequence

A sequence of numbers that has a common difference between every two consecutive terms.
a) Geometric Sequence
b) Solution
c) Arithmetic Sequence
d) Expressions

Use one (or more) previous terms in order to find the next term.
a) Explicit Formula
b) Recursive Formula
c) Outputs
d) Inputs

The highest point in a particular section of graph
a) Absolute Minimum
b) Absolute Maximum
c) Relative Minimum
d) Relative Maximum

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