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Particles of a ______________ are far apart.
a) solid
b) matter
c) gas
d) liquid

What stays the same in solids?
a) color and shape
b) volume and color
c) state and volume
d) shape and volume

What is true of particles of gas?
a) They move quickly
b) They move on the surface
c) They are always far apart
d) They slide past each other

Particles of a __________ slide past each other.
a) liquid
b) particles
c) gas
d) solid

What are ice, water, and steam examples of?
a) solids
b) volume
c) states of matter
d) gases

Particles of a ________________ vibrate in place.
a) solid
b) matter
c) liquid
d) gas

Particles of a crystalline solid are arranged in a ________________________.
a) scattered pattern
b) rectangle
c) repeating pattern
d) crazy pattern

____________ ________ is a force that acts on the particles at the surface of a liquid.
a) Viscosity flow
b) Moving particles
c) Volume tension
d) Surface tension

Particles of an amorphous solid are arranged in a ____________.
a) repeating pattern
b) triangle
c) orderly pattern
d) scattered pattern

_______________ is a liquid's resistance to flow.
a) Validity
b) Matter
c) Viscosity
d) Volume

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