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What names did Judd give his dogs?
a) dog, dog, dog, and dog
b) 1, 2, 3, 4
c) Rover, Sam Ben, and Shiloh
d) Hey You, Yes You, Not You, Why You

Which question does chapters 3-4 answer?
a) What will happen when Marty's parents find Shiloh?
b) What will Judd do when Shiloh doesn't come home?
c) How is Marty going to hide Shiloh from his family?
d) When is Grandma's operation?

Who is the author of Shiloh?
a) S. E. Hinton
b) Ellen Raskin
c) Phyllis Naylor Reynolds
d) Lois Lowry

I'm tense as a cricket that night. What literary element is used?
a) simile
b) personification
c) onomatopoeia
d) repetition

The author most likely wrote Shiloh to ______________.
a) persuade teens to take care of their pets.
b) inform the reader how to care for beagles.
c) entertain students with a wonderful story about a boy and a dog.
d) share ideas about how to raise beagles.

Which statement from Shiloh contains a cause-effect relationship?
a) I don't sleep more than a couple hours that night.
b) Keep'em half-starved, they'll hunt better.
c) Dad takes another bite of cornbread, looks at me for a moment, then goes on studying his cereal.
d) Becky, she comes over and crawls onto my lap.

How does Marty make Shiloh stay on the hill while he goes back to the house to get materials to build a pen?
a) Shiloh won't stay, so Marty takes Shiloh with him.
b) Marty ties Shiloh to a tree with his belt.
c) Marty just tells Shiloh to stay.
d) Marty pens Shiloh into a small cave.

When Judd takes him hunting, Shiloh _____________.
a) bites Judd
b) runs a rabbit into the lake
c) goes to Marty's house
d) hides in the woods

Why is money in short supply at Marty's house?
a) The Prestons are paying nurses to help Grandma.
b) The Prestons are saving to buy a car.
c) Mom lost her job.
d) The Prestons have to pay high rent on their home.

What did Marty find a bout a year back?
a) Judd Travers on his land
b) a dead beagle
c) a deer eating his garden
d) a letter from Judd's father

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