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We traveled to Paris to see the ____________________.
a) eiffel Tower
b) Eiffel tower
c) Eiffel Tower
d) eiffel tower

Our new __________ is Main Street.
a) house
b) House
c) hOUse
d) hows

What _____________ do you live on?
a) Street
b) st.
c) street
d) streat

Laura looked at the stars through her _________________.
a) telescope
b) Telescope
c) teleskope
d) Telascop

We are going to hike up ____________________ when we visit Hawaii.
a) Diamond Head
b) Diamond head
c) diamond head
d) diamond Head

Christopher Columbus was a famous __________________.
a) explorer
b) Explorer
c) explorar
d) eksplorer

My favorite fast-food restaurant is ___________________.
a) Burger King
b) Burger king
c) burger king
d) King burger

Earth is the only _____________ that can sustain life.
a) planet
b) Planet
c) planat
d) Plenat

We read a story about an evil ___________.
a) Queen
b) queen
c) Quin
d) quean

I saw the _____________________ when I visited London.
a) Queen of England
b) Queen of england
c) queen of England
d) queen of england

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