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What is the State Board of Education
a) Texas’s large state college system of more than 40 colleges and universities relies on funding from tuition, fees, and money
b) government institution consists of elected officials and provides standards and policies for education in Texas
c) constitutional principle that ensures that government powers are limited in order to protect individual rights
d) a session of the Texas state legislature called by the governor to address particular issues

what is Property and sales taxes
a) a tax levied on real property or personal property which is mostly use to finance state and local governments
b) town or city whose power is limited to governmental structures and powers specifically granted by state law
c) relating to the government of a city or town
d) a tax on imports and exports which are used to fund the public school systems in Texas

How does the Judicial Branch check and balance the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch
a) by vetoing bills
b) voting for members of Congress
c) By declaring laws unconstitutional
d) by impeaching the executive branch

The City government is responsible for
a) providing police and fire department
b) providing emergency medical service
c) Inspect structure for health and saftey
d) all of the above

Popular sovereignty
a) the power of the Texas governor to reject only some provisions of a spending bill
b) to charge an official with a crime
c) composed of two legislative chambers or houses
d) democratic principle of the Texas Constitution that reflects the will of the people

The Bill of Right can be defined as
a) a section of a constitution that protects individual freedoms
b) constitutional principle that gives each branch of government the ability to limit the power of other branches
c) to state something clearly and openly
d) allowed by the law

Separation of Powers is defined as
a) constitutional principle that ensures that government powers are limited in order to protect individual rights
b) constitutional principle that recognizes people’s fundamental rights
c) The Texas constitution divides the government into three branches. These are the legislative, executive, and judicial branche
d) a section of a constitution that protects individual freedoms

Which is an example of check and balance for the Legislative Branch?
a) The Judicial Branch can veto the Legislative Branch
b) the Governor can be impeached by the House of Representatives and tried by the Senate.
c) Governor can judge laws constitutional and unconstitutional
d) The Legislative branch can recall Judicial Law

When does the Texas State Legislature meet?
a) every two years
b) twice a year
c) once a year
d) every three years

Which of the following is in the Bill of Rights for both US and Texas.
a) garnish one's wages
b) require the quartering of troops
c) confiscate land for a public purpose
d) search one's property

How does U.S. Constitution and the Texas Constitution act to protect individual rights
a) separation of power
b) bill of rights
c) checks and balances
d) democracy

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