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''I'm the greatest,'' he said _________, as he flexed his nonexistent muscles.
a) joking (adverb)
b) jokingly (adverb)
c) joking (adjective)
d) jokingly (adjective)

A _______ trimmed hedge is an asset to any yard.
a) nice (adjective)
b) nicely (adverb)
c) nice (adverb)
d) nice (adjective)

''Come here _______,'' she said.
a) quick (adjective)
b) quickly (adjective)
c) quick (adverb)
d) quickly (adverb)

The ______ bird gets the worm.
a) early (adverb)
b) early (adjective)

This recipe calls for ______ ground nuts.
a) coarsely (adjective)
b) coarsely (adverb)

She jumped up _______ and left the room.
a) suddenly (adverb)
b) suddenly (adjective)
c) sudden (adverb)
d) sudden (adjective)

Beethoven, a composer, ______ devoted himself to his music.
a) tireless (adjective)
b) tireless (adverb)
c) tirelessly (adjective)
d) tirelessly (adverb)

Today, music plays a ______ role in the production of movies.
a) specially (adjective)
b) specially (adverb)
c) special (adjective)
d) special (adverb)

The word ''karaoke'' means ''_____ orchestra'' in Japanese.
a) empty (adjective)
b) empty (adverb)

He measured the floor ______. They proved to be _______ _______ measurements.
a) exact, perfect, exact
b) exactly, perfectly, exactly
c) exactly, perfectly, exact
d) exactly, perfect, exact

The stillness of the tomb was ________. The tomb was _______ still.
a) awfully, awfully
b) awful, awful
c) awfully, awful
d) awful, awfully

The mechanic's tools were ______. The foreman said his work was _____ done.
a) well, well
b) good, well
c) good, good
d) well, good

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