Pioneer Unit Part 1 Question Preview (ID: 294)

Westward Expansion Study From Louisiana Purchase To Gold Rush. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What was the Louisiana Purchase?
a) Land purchased from France in 1803 that doubled the size of the US
b) Land purchased from Spain in 1803
c) Buying the western part of the US from England
d) An agreement between Jefferson and the King for trading rights

What was the purpose of the Pony Express?
a) A method of getting mail across country in 10 days or less
b) The Pony Express equipped soldiers with horses
c) A way to help Pioneers get across the mountains
d) Lewis and Clark used it to travel

What was the Gold Rush?
a) A rapid movement of people to where gold was discovered in 1849
b) Lots of gold was found in the rivers down south
c) People rushed to open jewelry stores
d) When all the Pioneers got rich by finding gold

Who was president during the time of the Louisiana Purchase?
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) George Washington
c) Abraham Lincoln
d) Warren Harding

How much did the Louisiana Purchase cost?
a) 15 million dollars
b) 50 million dollars
c) 15 trillion dollars
d) 50 thousand dollars

Who did Jefferson choose to lead the Corps of Discovery?
a) Lewis and Clark
b) Lincoln and Washington
c) Napolean and Smith
d) Sacajawea and York

What animal did Lewis and Clark send to the president?
a) prairie dog
b) buffalo
c) quail
d) turkey

What were the 4 trails traveled by Pioneers?
a) Mormon, California, Oregon, and Santa Fe
b) California, Wyoming, Santa Fe, and Catholic
c) Indian, Pioneer, Westward, Southern
d) Oregon, Washington, California, and New Mexico

Why did the Pony Express end?
a) The telegraph was invented.
b) The telephone was invented.
c) The computer was invented.
d) The business was too expensive.

Why did Pioneers head west?
a) Farming, more land, adventure, make money
b) Fishing, hunting, sailing
c) Fight the Indians, join the army, farming
d) More land, more cities, more businesses

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