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The Engineering Design Process is used to:
a) Increase human knowledge and understanding of the world.
b) Prove theorems about technological processes.
c) Provide solutions to human needs and wants.
d) Simplify human endeavors.

The mode in a data set is the number
a) in the exact middle of the set
b) that is the average
c) most frequently occurring
d) at the end

The process of collecting, organizing and analyzing data is called
a) calculus
b) geometry
c) algebra
d) statistics

Which of the personal characteristics listed below does not influence engineering design?
a) creativity
b) sensitivity
c) ability to visualize
d) resourcefulness

A constraint that is concerned with cost and must be considered when designing is:
a) Aesthetic
b) political
c) economic
d) social

Design problems are __________ presented in a clearly defined form.
a) often
b) never
c) seldom
d) always

A common type of computer software used to analyze data is:
a) word processor software
b) spreadsheet software
c) computer assisted design software
d) graphic design software

The average number in a data set is the
a) mean
b) median
c) mode
d) range

The middle number in any sequence in statistics is known as
a) mean
b) median
c) mode
d) range

In the beginning of a presentation, it is important to
a) Summarize your main points
b) Take questions
c) Introduce yourself and your objective
d) Display many visual aids

At the end of a presentation it is important to:
a) Discuss all your failures
b) Display many visual aids
c) Discuss all your successes
d) Summarize your main points

Engineers, architects, and others who engage in design to solve practical problems use:
a) Mathematical applications and intuition
b) Scientific knowledge and parental advise
c) Intuition and parental advice
d) Scientific knowledge and mathematical applications

A characteristic of a 3D model that a 2D model does not have is:
a) Volume
b) Surface area
c) Height
d) Width

When preparing to communicate a solution to a design problem, you must:
a) Make a set of CAD drawings
b) Construct a tabletop display
c) Visit the site of your presentation the week before
d) Consider the viewpoint of your audience

Mathematical models allow engineers and designers to express ideas:
a) Physically
b) Conceptually
c) Randomly
d) Precisely

Conceptual, physical, and mathematical models are used to:
a) Define criteria for a solution
b) Determine trade-offs
c) Train designers
d) Evaluate design solutions

Sketching is a tool used in the creation of what type of models?
a) Conceptual
b) Physical
c) Mathematical
d) Psychological

Isometric and orthographic are different types of:
a) Mathematical processes
b) Geographic shapes
c) Technical sketches/drawings
d) Electronic tests

Mock-ups and prototypes are different types of:
a) Psychological models
b) Conceptual models
c) Physical models
d) Mathematical models

Mathematical modeling aids in technological design by simulating how:
a) A solution should be designed
b) A proposed system might behave
c) Physical models should be built
d) Designs should be used

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