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The mantle is:
a) the thickest layer of Earth
b) pink and green polka dots
c) made of molten iron and nickel
d) delicious

The inner core is:
a) where the apple seeds are
b) solid, compressed, melted metals
c) there is no such thing
d) thin

What is the theory called in which the continents move over millions of years?
a) the mantle theory
b) plate tectonics
c) plate movement
d) pangea

The wearing away and removing of rock materials is called:
a) rubbing
b) embossing
c) santa clause
d) erosion

Why would we plant grass in yards and along highways?
a) to make it looks pretty
b) to give people a job
c) to keep soil from washing away
d) as a place to collect trash

An insecticide is something that kills insects. What would an ideal (the perfect) insecticide do?
a) kill as many different types of bugs as possible
b) release toxins into the air
c) kill only one kind of bug
d) kill all the bugs on the playground

cutting down rain forests around the world has many major effects on the environment. which of the statements below is not one of these effects?
a) we are losing fresh water
b) bugs are being hurt
c) soil is eroding
d) acid rain is harming many lakes and streams

What is the area of earth called where there are over 1500 volcanoes?
a) the ring of volacanic activity
b) the ring of lava
c) the ring of fire
d) the magma ring

What is a person who studies rocks called?
a) rocktologist
b) geologist
c) rockientist
d) geolographer

Who studies fossils?
a) paleontologist
b) geologist
c) fossilogist
d) old people

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