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Which are the brightest stars?
a) Supergiants
b) Giants
c) white dwarfs
d) main sequence

What type of star is the Sun?
a) Main Sequence
b) red giant
c) white dwarf
d) blue giant

In which would the largest number of stars be found?
a) galaxy
b) galactic cluster
c) solar system
d) star clusters

Which are the hottest stars?
a) white dwarfs
b) supergiants
c) giants
d) main sequence

A galaxy with very little dust, does not make new stars, rotates very slow, and has a spheric shape...
a) elliptical
b) Elongated
c) Irregular
d) Spiral

A spherical collection of stars orbiting in a much larger galaxy; middle of the sphere has a high density of stars, What is the astronomer observing?
a) A globular cluster
b) Spiral nebula
c) A supernove remnant
d) A planetary nebula

What does it mean to say that we see a star that is 30 light-years away?
a) It takes 30 years for the light from that star to reach Earth.
b) The star will shine for 30 years before reaching the end of its life.
c) It would take 30 years of travel in a spacecraft to reach this star.
d) We would be able to see the star for 30 years when viewing it from Earth.

Spectroscopic analysis reveals the elements that those stars contain. What do such studies help astronomers to understand better in our solar system?
a) the Sun
b) asteroids
c) comets
d) gravity

Which do most astronomers believe to be true about the universe?
a) It is contracting.
b) It is expanding.
c) It is staying the same size.
d) It is expending and contracting.

Which is the correct order from largest to smallest?
a) Universe, Milky Way, Solar System
b) Milky Way, Universe, solar System
c) Solar System, Milky Way, Universe
d) Universe, Solar System, Milky Way

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