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The equation for _____ is glucose + oxygen produces carbon dioxide + water + energy
a) photosynthesis
b) cellular respiration
c) diffusion
d) mitosis

What are the two products of photosynthesis?
a) glucose and oxygen
b) carbon dioxide and water
c) oxygen and water
d) glucose and carbon dioxide

The process by which iving organisms use oxygen to hep break down food molecules to release energy is called...
a) photosynthesis
b) osmosis
c) mitosis
d) cellular respiration

The _____ is the place where photosynthesis is eukaryotic cells takes place.
a) mitochondria
b) nucleus
c) chloroplast
d) cytoplasm

The reactants of photosynthesis are...
a) oxygen and glucose
b) carbon dioxide, water and sunlight
c) oxygen, water and energy
d) glucose and carbon dioxide

____ allows different types of materials to move in and out of cells from a higher concentration to a lower concentration.
a) cell membrane
b) molecules
c) diffusion
d) cytoplasm

When water diffuses into or out of a cell, it is called...
a) osmosis
b) mitosis
c) cell membrane
d) photosynthesis

A drop of food coloring spreads out in a beaker of water. This process is called...
a) osmosis
b) diffusion
c) photosynthesis
d) mitosis

When wilted celery is soaked in water, it becomes crisp again due to ...
a) mitosis
b) photosynthesis
c) osmosis
d) cellular respiration

Which cell structure is selectively permeable, allowing certain substances to enter or leave the cell?
a) cell membrane
b) cytoplasm
c) nucleus
d) chloroplast

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