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What it the formula to balance pH?
a) CO2 + H = H2O + C
b) h+ + HCO3 = H2O + CO2
c) HR+ SV = CO

What makes you cough?
a) expectorants
b) antitussives
c) Smoke

What is bagging patients?
a) Putting them in bags
b) Blowing in a bag
c) controlling a patients breathing manually

What is exchanged in the aveoli?
a) oxygen/ carbon dioxide
b) hydrogen and water
c) sodium and potassium

What are two types of breathing?
a) solution and emerge
b) chemical and mechanical
c) strong and weak

What is the purpose of respiration?
a) Air flow
b) Gas exchange
c) Breathing

What happens in a tracheal collapse?
a) hirsutiam
b) hyperplasia
c) inspiration dypnea

What does the pharynx contain?
a) sinuses and vocal folds
b) larynx and epiglottis
c) trachea and thorax

How is an endotracheal tube passes?
a) nose - throat - stomach
b) mouth - glottis - trachea
c) rectally

What does the nasal turbinates do?
a) covers surface area
b) allows scent
c) Control air

What loosens things up?
a) mucinex
b) Mucolytics
c) corticosteriods

What category does Guaifenesin fall under?
a) antitussives
b) mucolytics
c) expectorants

What category does clemastine fall under?
a) antihistramine
b) decongestant
c) expectorants

What bronchidilator do you give a horse with COPD?
a) methylxanthines
b) beta- 2 adrenergic agonist
c) cholinergic blocker

Who can you give Dopram to?
a) elders
b) newborns
c) adolescents

What is asphyxiation?
a) crackling noise
b) incomplete expansion of lungs
c) suffication

what is pleural effusion?
a) fluid ing the lungs
b) air in the chest cavity
c) fluid in the chest cavity

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