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What is inertia?
a) tendancy of an object to resist a change in motion
b) a force of nature
c) a force that opposes motion
d) the speed of an object

The slope of a distance - time graph is -
a) the momentum of the object
b) the position of the object
c) the speed of the object
d) the acceleration of of the object

The force of gravity on an object is known as -
a) speed
b) weight
c) acceleration
d) momentum

The sum of the forces is known as -
a) net force
b) friction
c) weight
d) mass

The force that opposes motion is known as -
a) weight
b) inertia
c) mass
d) friction

To find the weight of an object if you know mass you should -
a) divide the mass by 9.8
b) multiply the mass by 9.8
c) add 9.8 to the mass
d) subtract 9.8 from the mass

Which quantity would be the same on Earth as it would be on the International Space Station?
a) mass
b) weight
c) mass and weight
d) neither mass or weight

Which of Newton's Laws says the harder you push the faster an object will go?
a) 1st
b) 2nd
c) 3rd
d) none

Which of Newton's Laws says if you push on a wall the wall pushes on you?
a) 1st
b) 2nd
c) 3rd
d) none

Which is heavier, a pound of feather or a pound of lead?
a) feathers
b) lead
c) they are both the same
d) no way to tell

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