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What was the Great Schism?
a) the split between two Popes, one in Avignon and one in Rome
b) when Christians left the church after Martin Luther nailed his Theses to the church doors
c) when Jews and Christians fought in the Crusades over the holy land of Jerusalem
d) when Muslims were kicked out of the Iberian Peninsula

Which of the following is the reason why people believed the Catholic Church was corrupt?
a) the Catholic Church was giving most of it's money to the poor and needy
b) the Catholic Church was giving every church official a castle to live in
c) the Catholic Church owned up to one third of the land in Europe but didn't pay taxes
d) the Catholic Church stopped selling indulgences

What is an indulgence?
a) the selling of purgatory
b) the selling of pardons for sins
c) the 95 theses that were nailed to the church doors
d) the movement to leave the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church during the Renaissance believed that a person could only go to heaven through
a) good works
b) faith in Christ
c) purgatory
d) becoming Pope

Who started the reformation?
a) Martin Luther King Jr
b) Pope Gregory
c) King John
d) Martin Luther

Martin Luther believed a person could be saved by
a) good works
b) faith in Christ
c) buying indulgences
d) becoming Pope

The name for Christians who broke with the Catholic Church
a) Protestant
b) Reformation
c) Purgatory
d) Theses

What started the reformation?
a) Martin Luther wrote a book about how to get to heaven
b) Martin Luther nailed his indulgences to the door of the church in protest
c) Martin Luther nailed his theses on the door of the church
d) Martin Luther overthrew the Pope

Where did the Pope reside after the Great Schism?
a) Florence Italy
b) Rome Italy
c) London England
d) Avignon France

Martin Luther became a monk after
a) becoming Pope
b) almost being struck by lightning
c) studying theology
d) having a vision of God

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