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In a food pyramid, which BEST explains why the number of organisms decreases from one trophic level to the next?
a) lower lever consumers require more energy than consumers at the top level
b) comsumers at the top level require more energy than consumers at the lower levels
c) consumers are feeding on larger organisms that have less energy
d) consumers are feeding on smaller organisms that have less energy

Which food provides the MOST energy for the body in the shortest time?
a) potato
b) meat
c) milk
d) fruit

Kudzu vines grow by climbing and wrapping around trees. Trees covered by the vines can die due to lack of sunlight. What type of relationship exists between the trees and the kudzu growing on them?
a) competition
b) mutualism
c) parasitism
d) predation

IF wolves prey on deer for food, what will MOST LIKELY happen to the deer if the wolves are removed from an area where the deer live?
a) the population of deer will increase
b) the population of deer will decrease
c) the deer population will remain the same
d) the population of deer will become extinct

Which BEST determines the number of wolves that can live in an area?
a) the amount of snow in the area each year
b) the number of birds that can live in the area
c) the number of trees in an area
d) the amount of food availabe in the area

Which example BEST represents the interconnection between an aquatic food web and a terrestrial food web?
a) a fish eats insects that land on the surface of a pond
b) snake eats bird eggs
c) bats eat mosquitoes
d) mountain lions catch and eat deer

Population density of marine life is greater along the shorelines of the ocean than further out in the deep waters. Which statement provides the BEST reason for this situation??
a) ocean currents prevent many smaller marine life from living in the deep water
b) shallow waters have fewer predators
c) coastal waters are less polluted than the deeper waters of the ocean
d) there are more nutrients in shallow waters

Which pair of organisms represents a connection between aquatic and terrestrial food webs?
a) whales and plankton
b) seagulls and oysters
c) spiders and mosquitoes
d) humans and coral

What happens to a population and competition when there is a reduction in living space?
a) the population expands and the competition intensifies
b) competition stregenthens while the population contracts
c) populaiton increases as competition decreases
d) competition decreases and the population decreases

Which of these organisms is a producer in a marine ecosystem?
a) fish
b) gull
c) algae
d) worm

Ecosystems are made of biotic and abiotic factors. Which of the following is a biotic factor?
a) producers
b) water
c) air
d) soil

Which interaction illustrates a terrestrial-aquatic food web relationship?
a) a bear eating fish in a river
b) a turtle burying eggs in the sand
c) a fish eating plankton in the ocean
d) a bird laying eggs in a nest in a tree

An ecosystem is filled of many different organisms that have specific roles to play. What is a niche?
a) a place where an organisms lives
b) an organism's role in the environment
c) a group of organisms that can produce offspring
d) all of the populations that live in an area

Some organisms can only live by causing harm to a host organism. What is the name of the organisms?
a) virus
b) bacteriophage
c) parasites
d) flagellum

Which one of these illustrates a predator/prey relationships?
a) humans and grilled chicken
b) fleas and dogs
c) rabbits and carrots
d) owl and mouse

We know the carbon cycle involves moving carbon around the earth in a cycle. Plants and trees join in the carbon cycle in a couple of ways. Which one will clean carbon out of the air?
a) by absorbing water through their roots
b) by dying and decomposing into the earth making fossil fuels
c) by completing photosynthesis
d) by transpiration

What is the type of relationship where both organisms benefit?
a) predation
b) parasitism
c) commensalism
d) mutualism

Consider this food chain: grass--- grasshopper--- frog--- hawk. Where is the largest amount of energy found in this food chain?
a) hawk
b) grasshopper
c) sun
d) grass

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