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If pressure and head act on any type of rock, what will it become?
a) metamorphic rock
b) igneous rock
c) lava
d) marble

Weathering and erosion are NOT caused by:
a) continental slope
b) overforestation
c) wind and rain
d) change in temperature

Rain, wind, snow, ice, and sand wear away the edges of sharp objects is a process known as:
a) continental drift
b) magma
c) weathering
d) sand bars

Shifting (movement) of the earth\\\'s plates causes:
a) Earth\\\'s plates do not move
b) tornados
c) hurricanes
d) earthquakes

When magma escapes from the Earth, the formation becomes known as:
a) volcanoes
b) earthquakes
c) trench
d) crater

The remains of plants and animals that are found in sedimentary rocks are called:
a) sediments
b) fossils
c) dinosaurs
d) fragments

Which best describes the surface of the Earth over billions of years?
a) It is a flat surface that is pushed up to make lots mountains until Earth is covered in only mountains
b) Mountains wear down and become small hills
c) mountains wear down as new mountains are continuously formed over and over again
d) Oceans start to spread over all land until it is one big ocean

What was the name of the super continent?
a) Eurasia
b) Quidditch
c) Octopia
d) pangea

Which fossils are the oldest?
a) the ones closet to the surface of earth
b) the ones deepest down in the earth (the ones on the bottom)
c) all fossils are the same age
d) the ones found at RES\\\'s playground

As you go deeper and deeper into the Earth\\\'s interior, what happens to BOTH pressure and temperature?
a) they both decrease
b) pressure increases, temperature decreases
c) they both stay the same
d) they both increase

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