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In 1976, the US celebrated
a) peace in Vietnam
b) a successful moon landing
c) a successful attempt at creating a Bionic Woman
d) the bicentennial

One of the reasons Iran's citizens were upset with the US was
a) the use of the Bionic Woman against them
b) the fact that the US allowed Iran's deposed leader to stay here
c) the shooting of college students
d) the US negotiated an arms reduction between the USSR and the US

As an attempt to improve the economy, this President lowered taxes
a) Nixon
b) Ford
c) Carter
d) Johnson

April 22, 1970 was
a) the day 62 hostages were taken in the Iranian Embassy
b) the first Earth Day
c) when the Bionic Woman decided to run for President
d) President Ford was appointed as Vice-President

Because of higher gas prices, other prices
a) dropped
b) included bionic prices
c) remained steady
d) also went up

After the United States left Vietnam,
a) North Vietnam took over and the entire country was communist
b) North Korea invaded
c) South Vietnam took over and the entire country was democratic
d) they hired the Bionic Woman

Because the US supported Israel, many Middle Eastern countries
a) became our allies
b) started to limit the amount of oil they would sell us
c) were trying to hire the Bionic Woman
d) supported President Nixon

Evidence was uncovered to link the break in at Democratic National Headquarters to
a) a covert mission of the Bionic Woman
b) the Supreme Court
c) President Nixon
d) a terrorist group

President Nixon was the first president to
a) travel to China
b) travel to the Soviet Union
c) resign
d) all of these

Detente means
a) a reduction in the nuclear arms race
b) a celebration of the earth and environmental awareness
c) Bionic Woman
d) kids who wore torn clothing, had multiple piercings (including safety pins) and wore dog collars

Popular clothing of the 1970s included
a) Bionic qualities
b) bell bottoms, tight clothing, and big glasses
c) bright colors, headbands and round glasses
d) poodle skirts, rolled up jeans and letter jackets

Many Americans came to distrust the government because
a) the Bionic Woman told them so
b) taxes were raised by 30%
c) of the Watergate scandal
d) they were having a hard time finding people who would take government jobs

Young people of the 1970s were often called the
a) craziest cats
b) Me Generation
c) Hope of the World
d) Bionic Women

The 3-mile Island incident involved
a) anti-war protests
b) a failed mission to the moon
c) the safety of nuclear energy
d) the Bionic Woman

Jane Fonda was a celebrity who opposed our involvement in
a) Vietnam
b) Korea
c) Nuclear Power
d) developing technology that would create a Bionic Woman

In 1970, 4 students were shot at Kent State while
a) holding hostages
b) trying to imitate the Bionic Woman
c) attending a conference
d) protesting against war

The United States continued to be involved in this conflict in the 1970s
a) Korea
b) Vietnam
c) China
d) Gunsmoke vs. Bionic Woman

The Presidents in the 1970s were
a) Kennedy, Ford and Nixon
b) Nixon, Ford and Reagan
c) Carter, Nixon and Ford
d) Johnson, Carter and Ford

President Carter did not attempt a hostage rescue
a) true
b) false

A situation of rising prices is called
a) prosperity
b) depression
c) what happens when you have a Bionic Woman
d) inflation

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