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The passage of the Meat Inspection Act in 1906 was most directly caused by
a) Upton Sinclair's 'The Jungle'
b) Rachel Carson's 'Silent Spring'
c) Jacob Riis' 'How the Other Half Lives'
d) Helen Hunt Jackson's 'A Century of Dishonor'

Which group of immigrants poured into the United States between 1890 and 1920?
a) Scandinavians and Germans
b) Irish, Spanish, and Italian
c) English, Scottish, and Welsh
d) Immigrants from southern and eastern Europe.

Samuel Gompers was a leading proponent of what industrial issue?
a) vertical integration
b) the formation of trusts
c) the crushing of labor unions
d) the formation of labor unions

Jacob Riis, Upton Sinclair, Lincoln Steffens, and Ida Tarbell are all associated with what American literary movement?
a) Muckrakers
b) Romanticism
c) Transcendentalism
d) Harlem Renaissance

Which one of the following was the most significant source of urban population growth from 1890-1920?
a) immigration
b) the elevator
c) elimination of small pox
d) the establishment of suburbs

Journalists who wrote fiction and non-fiction accounts of the abuses of wealth and power in our society were called
a) Scalawags.
b) Muckrakers.
c) Avant Garde.
d) Bootleggers.

Which of these was a characteristic of the Progressive movement?
a) constant pressure to reduce government regulation and control of business
b) efforts to increase the control held by the nation's elite, upper class citizens
c) passage of Civil Rights legislation to end segregation and discrimination in the south
d) work towards the removal of corrupt influences on local, state, and national government

The most important reason for the growth of labor unions in the latter half of the 19th century was
a) the passage of the Sherman Anti-trust Act.
b) the creation of the Interstate Commerce Commission.
c) the forceful leadership of the newly arriving immigrants.
d) the way the workers were treated by big business and big industry.

Andrew Carnegie and JP Morgan both were 'captains' of which industry?
a) automobile
b) communications
c) oil
d) steel

The 19th Amendment to the US Constitution could be considered a Progressive amendment because it
a) allowed all citizens the right to vote.
b) allowed people 18 and older voting rights.
c) guaranteed suffrage to all races regardless of income.
d) granted suffrage to all American citizens, regardless of sex.

Businessmen such as John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and JP Morgan were often called
a) Muckrakers
b) Scalawags
c) Greenbacks
d) Robber Barons

A major goal of the Progressive movement was to
a) establish a flat rate income tax.
b) increase democracy in US government.
c) create a national bank for the United States.
d) encourage ties between government and business.

The Populist Party was established in the 1890s to
a) support the candidacy of William McKinley.
b) ensure that the US stayed on the gold standard.
c) reduce the tax burden on the wealthy industrialist class.
d) protect the political and economic interests of farmers and laborers.

The Muckraker journalists would have been likely to cover all the following subjects EXCEPT
a) national conservation.
b) mistreatment of laborers.
c) waste in the armed forces.
d) urban political 'machines.''

Which group was MOST concerned with helping improve the dangerous working conditions in early 20-century industry?
a) Populists
b) Progressives
c) Robber Barons
d) Radical Republicans

How did immigration during the Industrial Revolution allow big US companies to make even bigger profits?
a) Immigrants were able to get deals from their home countries on raw materials.
b) As more wealthy immigrants came to the US, sales increased for many companies.
c) Immigrants were coming from poor conditions abroad and were willing to work for low wages.
d) Businesses in other nations were shutting down because their workers were immigrating to the US.

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