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James wants to go to college, but thinks parents can't afford it. What could James do to get past this obstacle?
a) He should wait because his mom or dad might get a raise.
b) He should get a full-time job right away.
c) He should rob a bank to get money.
d) He should apply for scholarships, financial aid, and student loans.

Which of the seven steps in the decision making process do you actually make a decision?
a) Step 1: Define your wants and needs
b) Step 3: Identify Your Options
c) Step 6: Make a Decision
d) Step 7: Plan how to Reach Your Goal

The result or effect of a decision is its...
a) potential
b) outcome
c) obstacle
d) Step 7

Someone who is willing to change in order to suit different conditions
a) is weak
b) has a bad attitude
c) has a hard time making decisions
d) is adaptable

The text says you shouldn't procrastinate, because if you wait around too long, a decision may be made for you. What does that mean?
a) If you wait, things cost more and you won't be able to afford them.
b) If you wait, your friends and family won't believe you anymore.
c) If you wait, you may be too late to take advantage of an opportunity.
d) If you wait, you won't trust yourself and you'll fail.

Something that stands in the way of you when you are trying to reach a goal is...
a) a decision
b) an obstacle
c) impossible to overcome
d) a sign that you should do something else

Every once in a while, ask yourself if your work gives you a feeling of accomplishment and if it allows the lifestyle you want. What process is this called?
a) the decision-making process
b) evaluation
c) overcoming obstacles
d) determining your wants and needs

What should you do if you discover that a decision you've made has drawbacks?
a) Keep going. You've made your decision and you should stick with it.
b) Evaluate your decision.
c) Identify the drawbacks and figure out a way to correct them.
d) Quit what you are doing and go to your backup plan.

Katherine is trying to decide where to go on vacation next summer. What should she do first?
a) define what she needs and wants from a vacation
b) figure out how much money she can spend on a vacation
c) identify possible vacation locations
d) research different vacation providers

How can career interest areas help you Idenfity Your Options (Step 3) of the decision-making process
a) by helping you determine what you enjoy
b) by giving you a way to evaluate your options
c) by helping you research potential careers
d) by pointing you to careers that may interest you

An alternative course of action is known as
a) an obstacle
b) a backup plan
c) evaluating your options
d) making a plan

Abdul has identified two career areas that interest him: veterinarian and zookeeper. What should he do next?
a) gather information about the careers of a veterinarian and zookeeper
b) evaluate the two career choices
c) decide which career choice will meet his wants and needs
d) enroll in college with a good animal biology program

When you evaluate your options as part of the decision making process, you
a) think through all the possibilities
b) determine which resources you can you
c) determine which option best meets your needs and wants
d) figure out how you are going to carry out your decision

A choice about what action to take is known as a(n)
a) decision
b) option
c) attitude
d) evaluation

Donovan won't try out for the basketball team. He says, What if I'm no good at it? What obstacle is Donovan facing?
a) expecting too much from himself
b) fear of failure
c) expecting too little from himself
d) putting things off

Your basic outlook on life is your...
a) attitude
b) obstacle
c) outcome
d) potential

What is the final step of the decision-making process?
a) Evaluate your options
b) make a decision
c) plan how to reach your goal
d) gather information

When you begin to decide on a career, you should first start by...
a) thinking about the lifestyle you want and how much money you think you'll need
b) askingn your parents which career would be best for you
c) listing your career options
d) making a plan

The series of steps that help you identify and evaluate choices is known as the
a) evaluation process
b) career path
c) decision-making process
d) backup plan

One way to polish your decision-making skills is to
a) pay attention to the decisions you make every day
b) identify your options
c) count on luck
d) write down every decision you make

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