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The Aztec civilization was located where?
a) Mexico
b) New York
c) South America
d) Berengia

Why did they build their empire on swampy land?
a) A bird appeared in the sky and told them to build terraces.
b) Aztec legend told of a sign from the sun god, an eagle atop a prickly pear cactus eating a snake would be their new home.
c) Legend had it that a swampy lake with reeds is where they should build their empire.
d) They could attack their enemies from underwater and use surprise attack.

What animal is associated with Aztec warriors?
a) armadillo
b) puma
c) hairless dog
d) jaguar

The Aztec were valiant warriors. What does valiant mean?
a) funny and gracious
b) honorable and sensitive
c) brave and violent
d) gallant and grumpy

The greatest city of the Aztec Empire
a) Tenochteetlan
b) Huitzilopochtli
c) Quetzal
d) Tlachtli

The time period of the Aztec Empire was ______?
a) 400 BC-1517AD
b) 2000-2016
c) 1521-1800
d) 1200-1521

How did the Aztec Empire end?
a) No one knows what happened.
b) Cortes and the Spanish kill the king and destroyed the empire.
c) Civil War
d) Pizarro and the Spanish destroy the empire.

How was transportation made possible in Tenochtitlan?
a) most Aztecs traveled by horseback.
b) people swam between the islands and swamps.
c) sidewalks were built and boats passed through canals.
d) most Aztecs rode bike like structures.

What was important to the Aztec civilization?
a) nature and natural forces
b) chocolate and hot cocoa
c) the President's Palace
d) the Spanish

Who was Quetzalcoatl?
a) leader of the Aztecs
b) a feathered serpent
c) Spanish conqueror of the Aztecs
d) artificial islands

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