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How did the end of Reconstruction change life in the South?
a) The South's economy was stronger than it had been before.
b) The plantation system of agriculture was restored.
c) White southerners lost control of their state governments.
d) African Americans lost many of the rights they had gained.

What helped provide former enslaved people with an education?
a) the creation of the Freedmen's Bureau
b) the passage of the 14th Amendment
c) the establishment of black codes
d) the passage of the 15th Amendment

What was the result of President Johnson's impeachment trial?
a) He was acquitted but lost respect.
b) He fired the Secretary of War.
c) He was found guilty and was replaced by Grant.
d) He appointed African Americans to the Senate.

How long after slavery officially ended was the Constitution amended to allow African Americans to vote?
a) 2 years
b) 3 years
c) 5 years
d) 7 years

Which of the following made African Americans citizens of the United States?
a) the Emancipation Proclamation
b) the 14th Amendment
c) the Freedmen's Bureau
d) the end of Reconstruction

Whose plan for Reconstruction aimed to punish the South?
a) President Hayes's plan
b) President Johnson's plan
c) Congress's plan
d) President Lincoln's plan

At which of the following locations did the Union win an important battle?
a) Chancellorsville
b) Appomattox Court House
c) Vicksburg
d) Manassas Junction

What was the significance of the Battle of Mobile Bay?
a) Afterward, the Confederacy was unable to launch a major attack.
b) Afterward, Lin.coln issued the Emancipation Proclamation
c) The Confederacy lost Stonewall Jackson, an important general.
d) The Union captured the Confederacy's last major port.

How did the Union plan to win the war?
a) ask for help from Britain and France
b) cut off the South's trade with Europe
c) fight all the battles in the Confederate states
d) make the war last a long time

Why would this diary entry be a primary source?
a) because Chestnut was writing at the time of Lincoln's murder
b) because Chestnut was a newspaper reporter
c) because Chestnut took part in Lincoln's murder
d) because Chestnut was a Southerner

The practice created by Jim Crow laws
a) address
b) Reconstruction
c) black codes
d) segregation

people who had been enslaved
a) freedmen
b) Reconstruction
c) address
d) segregation

The name for the period following the Civil War
a) black codes
b) Reconstruction
c) segregation
d) freedmen

laws limiting the rights of formerly enslaved people
a) black codes
b) segregation
c) Reconstruction
d) address

a short speech
a) segregation
b) black codes
c) freedmen
d) address

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