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A vessel that carries oxygen rich blood to the heart muscle is called
a) coronary artery
b) vein
c) ventricle
d) atrium

A group of cells that receives messages about the body's oxygen needs and sends out signals to adjust the heart rate is called the
a) atrium
b) lymph node
c) valve
d) pacemaker

At the site of a wound, platelets set off reactions that eventually cause the production of a chemical called
a) lymph
b) fibrin
c) plasma
d) hemoglobin

Plasma is mostly composed of
a) blood cells
b) water
c) proteins
d) hemoglobin

A disorder in which a person's blood pressure is consistently higher than normal is called
a) hypertension
b) atherosclerosis
c) heart attack
d) diffusion

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a vein?
a) valves prevent backward flow of blood
b) returns blood to the heart
c) walls are one cell thick
d) contracts to push blood along

The largest artery in the body is called the
a) coronary artery
b) atrium
c) pacemaker
d) aorta

The network of vessels that returns fluid to the bloodstream is called the
a) lymphatic system
b) veins
c) arteries
d) circulatory system

Hemoglobin is a protein that binds easily to
a) white blood cells
b) oxygen
c) fibrin
d) platelets

Which of the following structures pumps blood into arteries leading to the lungs?
a) right atrium
b) left atrium
c) right ventricle
d) left ventricle

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