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What was the main purpose of the Radical Republican plan for Reconstruction? 8-5.1
a) to provide civil rights for freedmen
b) to help the South rebuild economically
c) to rewrite the South Carolina Constitution
d) to reunite the South and the North

Why was the 15th Amendment to the United States Constitution significant? 8-5.1
a) outlawed slavery in the United States
b) granted citizenship to African-Americans
c) gave black men the right to vote
d) established equal rights for women

Why was the sharecropping system negative for most South Carolina farmers? 8-5.2
a) Sharecroppers kept all of the crops they farmed.
b) Sharecroppers earned interest on the land they worked.
c) Sharecroppers were often in debt.
d) Sharecroppers owned their own homes.

What was the purpose of the Ku Klux Klan in South Carolina? 8-5.3
a) to support Confederate war veterans
b) to intimidate freedmen so they would not vote
c) to protest against rising cotton prices
d) to support Republican candidates for political office

What is one long lasting, positive effect of Reconstruction in the South? 8-5.3
a) opened schools for freedmen
b) provided soldiers to protect the rights of freedmen
c) helped former Confederates establish new businesses
d) brought the Republican Party to power in the South

What was the main purpose of the Jim Crow laws in the South? 8-5.4
a) segregate blacks and whites
b) provide unemployment assistance
c) help the southern economy
d) encourage political participation of freed slaves

What was the major benefit of the textile industry to South Carolina in the late 19th century? 8-5.5
a) created an alternative to farming
b) encouraged workers to move to rural areas
c) improved working conditions
d) provided jobs for former slaves

How did agriculture in South Carolina change in the post Reconstruction era? 8-5.6
a) More plantations developed in the Upcountry.
b) Rice was introduced as a new cash crop.
c) Sharecropping and tenant farms replaced plantations.
d) Cotton production decreased as indigo cultivation increased.

During the late 1800s, what was the primary migration pattern? 8-5.7
a) from the city to rural areas to make more money
b) from the farm to the city to live in ethnic neighborhoods
c) from the farm to the city to find work
d) from the city to rural areas for better education

In the early 1900s, what movement aimed to reform big business, end child labor, and improve working conditions? 8-5.8
a) Prohibition Movement
b) Temperance Movement
c) Populist Movement
d) Progressive Movement

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