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Enzymes are which type of macromolecule?
a) carbohydrate
b) lipid
c) protein
d) nucleic acid

A substance that speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction is called a(n)
a) inhibitor
b) catalyst
c) activator
d) lipoprotein

Which of the following is not a nucleic acid?
a) DNA
b) RNA
c) STP
d) ATP

All are functions of proteins EXCEPT
a) control the rate of reactions
b) form body structures
c) help fight disease
d) quick source of energy

The monomer of proteins is the
a) monosaccharide
b) fatty acid
c) amino acid
d) nucleotide

A fatty acid that has 3 carbon-carbon double bonds is said to be
a) saturated
b) unsaturated
c) hydrophilic
d) nonorganic

All are functions of lipids EXCEPT
a) cushions organs
b) energy storage
c) part of biological membranes
d) carry genetic information

What is the monomer of carbohydrates?
a) monosaccharide
b) fatty acid
c) amino acid
d) nucleotide

The attraction between molecules of the same substance is called
a) adhesion
b) cohesion
c) polarity
d) atomic bonding

Which of the following is the main source of energy in living things?
a) carbohydrates
b) lipids
c) proteins
d) nucleic acids

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