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Which symbol on the national seal represents national power
a) Eagle
b) Banner
c) Stars
d) Olive branch

The Monroe Doctrine warned European nations to
a) Treat the US with more respect
b) Stop seizing American ships
c) End the impressment of American sailors
d) Leave the Americas to the Americas

What was NOT TRUE of the Battle of New Orleans
a) It was the greatest American victory of the War of 1812
b) It made a war hero out of Jackson
c) It left thousands of Americans dead and wounded
d) It took place after the war was over

Why were western War Hawks so eager for war with Britain in 1812
a) They were eager to gain control of the Mississippi River
b) They hoped to drive the British out of Canada
c) They saw a chance to turn Native Americans against the British
d) They wanted to end Britain’s blockade of American ports

Who was hurt the most by Jefferson’s embargo policy
a) Barbary pirates
b) Great Britain
c) France
d) American merchants

Britain justified the impressment of American seamen by arguing that the sailors
a) Were deserters from the Royal Navy
b) Were needed to defeat France
c) Wanted to join the Royal Navy
d) Were poorly treated on US ships

After going to war, France and Britain began seizing U.S. merchant ships because both nations
a) Hoped to win the US as an ally
b) Disliked the American foreign policy of neutrality
c) Wanted to keep US shippers from supplying their enemy
d) Could make money by holding US sailors for ransom

Which slogan best summarizes the Americans’ response to the XYZ Affair
a) No taxation without
b) Millions for defense, not a cent for tribute!
c) My country, right or wrong!
d) Free trade and sailors’ rights!

In his farewell address, President Washington urged Americans to follow what foreign policy
a) Isolation and neutrality
b) Strong permanent allies
c) Involvement in world affairs
d) The Monroe Doctrine

Which symbols represent the original 13 states
a) Bald eagle and banner
b) Stars and stripes
c) Eagle tail feathers and talons
d) Arrows and olive branch

The banner bearing the Latin phrase E Pluribus Unum (from many, one) symbolizes the creation of one nation
a) For many years to come
b) Under one Constitution
c) Out of many peoples
d) After many battles

Where were the pirates who were attacking American ships located
a) Western Europe
b) Central Africa
c) Southern Europe
d) Northern Africa

How did Jefferson try to end pirate attacks on US ships
a) He paid tribute to the Barbary States
b) He sent US warships to protect merchant ships
c) He ordered a complete halt in trade with other nations
d) He declared war on the Barbary states

The words to the Star Spangled Banner were written by
a) John Jay
b) Francis Scott Key
c) James Madison
d) Andrew Jackson

The events described by the Star Spangled Banner took place during the
a) French Revolution
b) Embargo of American ports
c) War of 1812
d) XYZ Affair

The national anthem describes the
a) Burning of Washington, DC
b) Attack on the Chesapeake
c) Battle of New Orleans
d) Bombardment of Fort McHenry

The mood of the Star Spangled Banner was one of great
a) Pride
b) Suspense
c) Sorrow
d) Fear

What does impressment mean
a) To make someone feel impressed
b) Kidnapping of soldiers
c) An order to stop ships for leaving or entering a country
d) To cause pain

What does XYZ stand for in the XYZ Affair
a) The list of American demands
b) The name of the 3 American representatives sent to France
c) The secret agents who met the Americans when they went to France
d) The King of France’s nickname

What event resulted in America giving Britain the title of Most Favored Trade Partner
a) France wanted the US to pay tribute to end attacks on American ships
b) The US wanted France to pay tribute to avoid a war
c) A secret alliance between France and Britain
d) The Treaty that John Jay made with the British

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