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What is the website address?
a) Games.com
b) reviewgamezone.com
c) Playon.com
d) Whatever.com

a) Me if you can
b) I'm feeling down
c) And I do appreciate
d) You being 'round

The Relfex
a) Is a lonely Child
b) He's waiting by the park
c) Is in charge of finding
d) Treasure in the dark

a) a child smiles at me
b) sitting on the doorway
c) to the steps
d) of stairway that leads to heaven

All I ever wanted
a) all I ever neede
b) is here
c) in my arms
d) Enjoy the Silence

That's me
a) in the corner
b) in the spotlight
c) losing my religion
d) trying to keep up with you

It's Friday, I'm in Love
a) I don't care if Monday's blue
b) Tuesday's gray
c) and Wednesday too
d) Thursday, I don't care about you

How Soon is Now?
a) I am the son
b) I am the heir
c) of a shyness
d) that is criminally vulgar

Shout, Shout
a) Let it all out
b) These are the things I can do without out
c) Come on
d) I'm talking to you

Too Gone
a) One if by land
b) Two if by sea
c) Three if by chance
d) Four for the door

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