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During which feast was bread baked with leaven, signifying gentiles being mixed with jews?
a) pentecost
b) unleavened bread
c) passover
d) atonement

In leviticus, as in Genesis, it was still ok to marry a sister because of the lack of population
a) false
b) true
c) maybe
d) yes, in Arkansas

which feast represented the beginning of the church?
a) pentecost
b) tabernacles
c) first fruits
d) yom kippur

which feast was a celebration of God's protection in the wilderness?
a) tabernacles
b) trumpets
c) atonement
d) pentecost

which feast was a feast of confession?
a) atonement
b) unleavened bread
c) trumpets
d) tabernacles

which feast represents Christ rising from the dead?
a) firstfruits
b) passover
c) atonement
d) trumpets

which of the following is not an offering?
a) change offering
b) burnt offering
c) meal offering
d) trespass offering

Which of the following is not a major theme of Leviticus ?
a) holiness
b) worship
c) guidelines for sexuality
d) guidelines for discipleship

the book of Leviticus talks much about priests which are from the tribe of
a) Levi
b) Asher
c) Gad
d) Reuben

this feast represents the second coming of Jesus
a) trumpets
b) passover
c) atonement
d) firstfruits

this offering was a personal offering used to atone for the sin of the offerer. Lamb was burnt on the altar
a) burnt
b) peace
c) trespass
d) grain

this offering did not involve bloodshed
a) meal
b) burnt
c) sin
d) blood

in this offering, a ram was sacrificed in order that the offerer would be forgiven for their sin. Not only sought forgiveness but would pay restitution for what they owed
a) guilt
b) peace
c) meal
d) sin

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