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African Americans were not citizens and had no rights according to this court case.
a) Emancipaiton Proclamation
b) Jefferson Davis
c) Dred Scott
d) John Brown

What did the states that seceded call themselves?
a) Confederate States of America
b) Confederate States of the Union
c) Confederate States of Rebels
d) Confederate States of Texas

Sugar was the King Crop of the South.
a) True
b) False, it was tobacco
c) False, it was rice
d) False, it was cotton

Elected in 1861, he became the President of the Condfederate States of America.
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Sam Houston
c) Abraham Lincoln
d) Jefferson Davis

This Amendment abolished slavery.
a) 14th
b) 13th
c) 12th
d) 10th

Why was Governor Sam Houston removed from office?
a) He didn't agree with secession.
b) He wanted more slaves in Texas.
c) He stole from the government.
d) He wanted to retire so they helped him out.

This secret system of people, routes, paths, and hide-outs helped over 100, 000 slaves escape to freedom and hurt the Southern economy.
a) Harriet Tubman
b) Underground Railroad
c) Frederick Douglas
d) Fugitive Slave Law

John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry took place in this Confederate state.
a) Texas
b) Mississippi
c) South Carolina
d) Virginia

What did the Emacipation Proclamation do?
a) Freed slaves in Missouri
b) Freed slaves in Kansas and Nebraska
c) Freed slaves in the Confederate States
d) Freed slaves in the Union

Which two states were admitted to the Union in the Missouri Compromise?
a) Maine and Missouri
b) Maine and Virginia
c) Missouri and Mississippi
d) Missouri and Nebraska

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