Vocabulary Test 1 Question Preview (ID: 293)

Test Your Ability To Find Meanings For Vocabulary Words. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which word means HUGE?
a) purchase
b) vast
c) sturdy
d) reply

Which word means WEAK?
a) vast
b) sturdy
c) purchase
d) feeble

Which word means STRONG?
a) sturdy
b) feeble
c) reply
d) vast

Which word means AN ANSWER?
a) annual
b) question
c) reply
d) vast

Which word means BUY SOMETHING?
a) sell
b) purchase
c) vast
d) money

Which word means ENEMY?
a) foe
b) drowsy
c) friend
d) absent

Which word means SLEEPY?
a) awake
b) prank
c) drowsy
d) absent

Which word means MISSING?
a) present
b) drowsy
c) absent
d) exit

Which word means TRICK?
a) fall
b) prank
c) smile
d) annual

Which word means ONCE A YEAR?
a) 365
b) weekly
c) daily
d) annual

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