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What does the idea laissez-faire mean?
a) redistribution of wealth
b) mass production
c) the government keeps its hands off the economy
d) self interest can benefit all of society

What does the idea invisible hand mean?
a) redistribution of wealth
b) mass production
c) the government keeps its hands off the economy
d) self interest can benefit all of society

In what book did Adam Smith put his ideas of the invisible hand and laissez-faire?
a) Communist Manifesto
b) Wealth of Nations
c) Magna Carta
d) Common Sense

Which two ideas make capitalism work correctly?
a) revolution and redistribution
b) steam and machines
c) middle class and working class
d) invisible hand and laissez-faire

What did Karl Marx say would force changes in a society so it could become socialist?
a) invisible hand
b) laissez-faire
c) revolution
d) communism

What two innovations revolutionized textile factories in Great Britain?
a) steam engines and machines (power loom, spinning jenny)
b) labor unions and the middle class
c) invisible hand and laissez-faire
d) coal and iron

Which geographic feature helped Great Britain build and run so many industrial factories?
a) ports
b) rivers and canals
c) natural resources
d) cities

Specifically, which two natural resources were plentiful in Great Britain, that helped their industrial factories?
a) cotton and rubber
b) oil and gas
c) coal and iron
d) gold and silver

Which of the following is a negative effect of the Industrial Revolution?
a) growth of the middle class (owners and managers)
b) rise in standard of living (food, shelter, etc)
c) pollution (unclean/unsafe conditions) from factories
d) creation of labor unions

Why were Europeans mainly trying to gain more colonies during imperialism?
a) land and power
b) white man's burden (civilize the savages)
c) competition/rivalry
d) natural resources and wealth

Why would Europeans build infrastructure (schools, hospitals, railroads, etc) in their new colonies during imperialism?
a) prestige
b) civilize the savages
c) competition
d) easier to get the natural resources and wealth

During what time period did the Imperialism by Europe take place?
a) late 1400s
b) late 1600s
c) late 1800s
d) late 2000s

Europeans gained more colonial territories from 1870 to 1914 in Africa and Asia from Imperialism, True or False?
a) True
b) False

Why were the Europeans able to defeat the native peoples in Asia and Africa so easily?
a) better culture
b) better ideas
c) better technology (weapons)
d) better economics

What is the 'White Man's Burden' that Europeans talked about during Imperialism?
a) heavy objects they had to carry
b) taxes they had to pay
c) inferiority of Europeans
d) a need to educate and civilize the savages of the world in Asia and Africa

Which was an effect of the Opium Wars in China?
a) conquest of China completely
b) eradication of the drug trade in Asia
c) Europeans nations gained zones of influence in China
d) Europe was defeated and got nothing in China

Where did most of the European imperialism between 1870 and 1914 take place? (which continent?)
a) Asia
b) America
c) Europe
d) Africa

What attracted European imperialists to areas such as South Africa?
a) vast amounts of natural resources
b) friendly and welcoming natives
c) lack of European competition
d) advanced African culture they wanted to copy

Cecil Rhodes is famous for saying this slogan about imperialism in Africa, he wanted to connect the continent from where to where?
a) Nigeria to Victoria Falls
b) Cairo to Cape Town
c) Algeria to Zaire
d) Mozambique to Tunisia

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